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Hi, I'm Tom. I'm a University student, at Futureworks, studying Music Production to help push myself within the Music Industry, publicise myself and get more contacts within the industry itself.

I am a songwriter, composer and producer. I have worked with bands before in front of the microphone as well as behind the desk. I've enjoyed working with many different groups of people on such a large variety of work and I'm always excited for a new project.


I've been invested into music since started high school, from there I was classically trained as a cellist. Over my years in high school I was taught the history of music for a vast array of different genres, of which was very beneficial for trailers and film. As well, it has given me a greater insight into music theory which helped when writing my personal music.

After this I studied music at Holy Cross College, further learning the history of music and having my compositional skills pushed even more. At the same time as this I started studying music technology which is how I got into this side of the music industry. The course taught me many of the basics of what I needed to know before they were put to the test and I was free to experiment and find my ways of doing things.

And now in the end of it all I'm here, a university student promoting myself and my music.

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