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Soundtracks, Trailer Music and More

I write music for specifically shaped for moving image projects such as trailers and film, whether it is a opening theme, character themes or background music. 'Horror Trailer Sound Track' was a project I worked on with a film company called Grimmfest who asked me to a make the music for one of there trailers.

As well as background and character music I have done work with intro and end credit music for podcast. Sadly, the podcast project I was working on got cancelled so I never finished the music I was working on with other people but I look forward to the next project. 

Horror Trailer Sound Track

Although I'm not a big fan of the horror genre, I really enjoyed making this piece because it was a new style for me and the thought process behind it, when considering the psychological affect music can have on a viewer, made this piece one of my more interesting pieces, in my opinion. 

Untitled Intro

I wrote this piece in preparation for a project I was working on before it was sadly stopped. My thoughts for writing an introduction piece was for it to be short and catchy that way when people hear it they remember it more and allowing a higher possibility for listeners to talk about it.

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