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Instrumental Music

I compose/write my own music but I mainly focus in instrumental music which can be used for different things like film and TV or just for listening to as it is. 

I heavily favour more classical instrumentation, strings more than other sections, which I think is down to the fact I was classically trained on the cello so I have a better understanding of the limitations and music written for that family of instruments but I don't let that limit me when it comes to writing music

The Final Crusade

The Final Crusade was an Orchestral piece I wrote for one of my University Assignments at Futureworks. Writing this song allowed to experiment a lot with everything I've learnt from the years of music theory and history I did and put it in to practice.

Ocean's Vegas

Ocean's Vegas was one of the first songs I made after I started using Logic Pro. I took a bit of inspiration from Ocean's Eleven when writing this song and I was new to writing for instruments such as basses and guitars so listening to other songs helped me a lot with it.

Goodbye Old Friend

This String Orchestral piece was written for one of most recent University Assignments. My main source of inspiration for this was a project I had recently worked on (To Sea). 

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